IBM i and digital: a new strategic development axis

In the very competitive era of digital transformation, it is important for companies to capitalize on their historical processes and stand out by creating business models that incorporate the new digital uses. How should they adapt to these changes? How can they make the most of this opportunity to innovate, differentiate and grow by optimizing their information systems?

The challenges of data exchange are at the heart of the Information System

In all companies, internal and external data transfers are increasing: more and more documents and files, critical for modern information systems, are exchanged on a daily basis with multiple contacts. It is therefore vital to implement procedures to enable the immediate distribution of this data, as well as ways to monitor, secure and automate the transfers.

In the IBM i environment, many isolated solutions or solutions that rely on third-party servers do not meet all of these requirements. Designed to address these issues, TBT400 is a reliable and simple tool, capable of ensuring the traceability of data interchanges, regardless of the technical architecture, the source of the information or the target platform.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The TBT range of products provide gains in speed, reliability and efficiency, whilst reducing the processing costs of commercial data interchanges, through standardized electronic data transfer of all documents.

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Optimized communications

Centralize all your streams of communication within a single tool, supporting multiple protocols for data transfer (AS2, Atlas 400, X 400, FTP/SFTP, SMTP, EBICS, PeSIT, OFTP, ENX) and security.

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External network security

How can companies effectively protect their Information System from security risks in connection with the transfer of dematerialized internal documents across external networks?

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Emulation 5250

View 5250 screens on web browsers over a secure TCP/IP connection, without changing the user experience.

TBT WEB ACCESS allows simplified and secure access from any browser.

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Security solutions dedicated to your IBMi ecosystem

A complete range of cybersecurity, security, compliance and audit solutions for IBMi

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