IPLS partners


Inforquin: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) specialist, Inforquin assists companies to integrate ERP solutions in their IT environment.


Sapaig: IT services company and Accounting Software editor, Sapaig provides integrated solutions dedicated to hardware retailers for building, industrial, plumbing, heating and electrical material….

Galion Solutions

Galion Solutions is a specialist in compliance and certification of industrial processes. Galion provides an EDI translator, which can independently operate with other logistics management software.


Numlog is an OBS certified partner. Numlog sells ENX offers on behalf of Orange Business Services, provides ENX assistance and VAN (Value Added Network) facilities.

Map Services

Map Services is specialized in Security Solutions, network engineering, virtualization & data storage.


Erica (Études et Réalisations Informatiques de la Côte d’Azur) assists companies in migrating and restructuring their information systems.

Calva EDI

Calva EDI, leader in EDI services for the road transport and logistics sector, supports companies wishing to integrate EDI communications into their production chains.

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